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Prayer: A Surge of the Heart


Prayer: A Surge of the Heart

Finding time to pray can be difficult. Modern life is very busy with so many distractions at every turn and there's always another job to be done. This inspiring presentation challenges us to make more time for God in our lives and highlights the importance of an ever-deepening life of prayer. It looks at the true meaning of prayer, the different types of prayer and how we can grow in our spiritual lives. It addresses how to overcome difficulties and temptations, how to find inspiration in the lives of the saints, the centrality of the Holy Mass, and the ultimate goal of prayer.

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Saint Anthony Communications is proud to launch our latest project, bringing you an extensive range of CDs at the lowest prices. Our hope is that you will take the opportunity of these discount prices to help catechise, inspire and challenge your friends, family members and fellow parishioners. One idea is to buy a selection of CDs for your parish, then sell them on at a profit to raise funds for the Church or for other charitable causes.

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ed. Fr Marcus Holden
A Year with the English Saints


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Mike Aquillina
The Fathers of the Church


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Staring Robert de Niro and Jeremy Irons
The Mission


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John Gerard, SJ
The Autobiography of a Hunted Priest


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Karen Garver Santorum
Letters to Gabriel


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Jason Evert
Saint John Paul the Great


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Concha Velasco, Hector Alterio
Teresa de Jesus


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Starring Piotr Adamczyk, Malgorzata Bela, Ken...


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Brandon Vogt
The Church and New Media


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Starring Julia Jentsch, Alexander Held
Sophie Scholl


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