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To Be A Pilgrim



To Be A Pilgrim: The Canterbury Way

An ancient trail of pilgrimage runs through south-east England; a pathway along which so much of English identity converges. It is the way of St Thomas Becket, the martyr who stood up to a King and inspired Christendom. It is a route that drew countless pilgrims in ages past, captured the imagination of Chaucer and is reviving in our own time.

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Saint Anthony Communications is proud to launch our latest project, bringing you an extensive range of CDs at the lowest prices. Our hope is that you will take the opportunity of these discount prices to help catechise, inspire and challenge your friends, family members and fellow parishioners. One idea is to buy a selection of CDs for your parish, then sell them on at a profit to raise funds for the Church or for other charitable causes.

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Presented by Joanna Bogle
The Story of Walsingham


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Evelyn Waugh
Edmund Campion


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Tony Reynolds
St Nicholas Owen


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Starring Moira Kelly, Martin Sheen
Entertaining Angels


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Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
The World's First Love


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Peter Kreeft
You Can Understand the Bible


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Ed. Carlos Granados
The Hope of the Family


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Fr Gabriele Amorth
An Exorcist


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Fr Benedict Groeschel, CFR
Travellers Along the Way


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Dr Scott Hahn
Evangelising Catholics


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Anne Burke-Gaffney & Fr Marcus Holden
Faith in the Family


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