The Ultimate Mystery

Eva Higueras, Fran Calvo, Alex Larumbe, Enric Chenoll, Cristina Glez Del Valle

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Has the secret of Fatima changed the course of history? This documentary film investigates, starting from the apparitions of Our Lady in 1917, a chain of strange coincidences that relate the secret of Fatima with inexplicable historical changes. What did Fatima have to do with Lenin’s communist revolution and with the two World Wars? Why was the Third one avoided? Why was John Paul II not killed? Why is Fatima an Arabic name? This film, with recreations, scenes of fiction, and opinions of experts, gives us the keys to the past…and to the future.

The fiction part of the film introduces us to the story of Monica, a movie editor looking for work. Monica receives through a friend the contact of Víctor, a producer who wants to edit a documentary about the Fatima apparitions. Though reluctant because of her agnosticism, she accepts it out of sheer economic necessity. As she works on the images, extraordinary events that disturb her will be paraded into her eyes. All of a sudden, her life will be marked forever...

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Other Info: 80 minutes



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